Reflecting on Our Mirrors

Well, it’s been a year since the mirrors debuted at the Aspen Art Museum’s annual summer benefit. And it seemed time to pause and think about our experiment in creating these objects.

Since the AAM 2015 benefit, the mirrors have traveled to the Fog Fair in San Francisco with Salon 94, Hong Kong for Art Basel, and most recently London, for a photoshoot with Wallpaper Magazine.

It’s been quite a journey—for the mirrors—oh the places they’ve seen! And the faces the mirrors have peered back at!

To pull the curtain back, the idea for the project sprung out of watching our fellow humans in museums and art fairs, and also seeing Facebook and Instagram posts of museums and art fairs. A constant theme seemed to emerge: a shiny work of art is as a good as bathroom mirror. Click. Selfie made. Then post selfie and somewhere at the bottom of the post hashtag the name of the artist—to show cultural awareness. Check.




Our mirrors masquerade as art, and also as mirrors—and not the best mirrors, for inevitably when you look into them, you’ll end up seeing up a nostril, are seeing the lighting in the ceiling above you. On the positive side, for those who like deals, due to the kaleidoscope effect, the viewer will sometimes see slices of your own likeness five times instead of just once! Imagine, five times the enjoyment of seeing oneself!

What is it about our society that likes to see ourselves reflected—particularly in art? Or is this really anything new at all? Ask yourself. And please, if you have the opportunity, look at our mirrors and see what you see.