The Whisper Raum

Ever really want to get away? Chris Stone and David Fox, the architects and designers are proud to introduce you to your very own intimate architectural retreat. Experience a place that perfectly captures the design duo’s architectural sensibilities and provides you the getaway you crave— the Whisper Raum.

The Whisper Raum is a self-contained, mini architectural folly that when closed is sculpture, but to the initiated owner who opens it reveals an intimate place of retreat. A space in which one — or two — can escape to be alone, shuttered against the outside world to hold a secret conversation, enjoy a quiet drink or, perhaps even, fall in love.

Combining StoneFox’s unequalled contemporary design aesthetic with such hand-selected vintage accents as the space’s 1960s Italian flower sconce, the Whisper Raum means you can get away whenever you like… imagine a whole universe, self-contained and infinite in possibility in the most stylish and intimate way.